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Meet the Awesome Chef Thierry Blouet

Some people are simply born to be a star, since this famous chef came into the world on the paradise island of Puerto Rico, his fate was drawn. French parents, Chef Thierry Blouet discovered his culinary vocation at an early age, let’s take a look at his successful career.

He grew up between France and Mexico, where haute cuisine is an essential ingredient in life. His paternal grandfather, Max Blouet, served as general manager of ultra-elegant George V Restaurant in Paris for 30 years.

Being an extremely visual chef, his dishes are artistic compositions with colors that enliven the visual sense in harmony with tempting aromas, subtle textures that excite the palate and concentrated flavors that enhance the taste.

For 26 years, Chef Thierry has been the emblem of the gourmet tradition in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit with his high end restaurant Café des Artistes, now diversified in Tuna Blanca at Punta de Mita and Cafe des Artistes Los Cabos.

He became the sole owner of a restaurant in 1994 where diners found culinary elegance in a wonderful atmosphere. In 2003, he introduced new concepts to Café des Artistes, enlivening Costantini Martini & Piano Bar, which today is called P’yote Louge, with the implementation of a tapas menu and live music. Two years later, in 2005, he created what is now the corporate’s jewel, a genuine concept of “Thierry Blouet’s Author Cuisine”, became a unique restaurant based on artistic creations in every detail.

In addition to his own business, Blouet is also a member of the Culinary Academy of France, Thierry brings together chefs from France, Canada, Mexico and the United States to share and enrich their culinary techniques traditionally maintaining their high standards. He is also a proud ambassador of culture and culinary festivals in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico.

Do not miss the opportunity to interact and share experiences with this legend of gastronomic art, he has been part of The Three Musketeers since the beginning, thanks to whom, we can still enjoy this wonderful International Gourmet Festival.

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