Meet Our Dear Sponsors!

This unequaled 22nd edition of the International Gourmet Festival, would not be the same without the unconditional support of our sponsors, since each one of them on its line of business, contributes to make this great event better year after year. Let’s get to know them!

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Successful Gourmet Festival Press Conference!

Educating the Art of Fine Eating

Do not miss the Festival’s Theme Nights!

Guest Chefs Are All Set!

More Mexican Guest Chefs are Showing up!

Meet the Proudly Mexican Guest Chefs

They’ll be the 2016 International Gourmet Ambassadors!

Meet the 2016 European Gourmet Ambassadors!

It is a great pleasure to have in this 22nd edition of the International Gourmet Festival, with the distinguished presence of more than thirty guest chefs from some of the most special corners of the world. Here below, we introduce those European visitors:

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From Switzerland to the World: Chef Roland Menetrey