Tequila and Molecular Mixology

The culinary art is, undoubtedly, one of the most complex of all, since it involves a variety of elements that combine to achieve tremendous gastronomic works that melt diners’ palates. This time we tell you a little more about molecular mixology and tequila.

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Meet the Awesome Chef Thierry Blouet

Some people are simply born to be a star, since this famous chef came into the world on the paradise island of Puerto Rico, his fate was drawn. French parents, Chef Thierry Blouet discovered his culinary vocation at an early age, let’s take a look at his successful career.

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The Beach Destination with More Dining Options

Chef Heinz Reize’s Career Path

Influence of Local Flavors in Gourmet Cuisine

The coast of Jalisco and Nayarit is a geographically privileged region, thanks to the excellent climate with abundant rains in summer, the soil of this land is so fertile that produce a variety of fruits, vegetables and spices with incomparable flavors.

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The Benefits of Seafood

10 Days for Foodies

Ten days may sound like a short time, but for those foodies who will gather up this November in the 22nd edition of the International Gourmet Festival, here below we have a good way to satiate your hunger for new culinary experiences and make the most of this great event!

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The Pacific Gastronomic Corridor

The natural beauty of the Mexican Pacific along with its cultural richness and above it all, with its immense gastronomic heritage is honored to be once again the perfect setting of the XXII International Gourmet Festival, with three incredible destinations as protagonists.

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22 Years of Culinary Tradition.