Chef Heinz Reize’s Career Path

A great lover of Mexican culture, Chef Heinz Reize merges this enormous appreciation to our country with his European roots in each of his creations, aimed at delighting diners and becoming an icon of local cuisine.

Being one of the co-founders of the International Gourmet Festival, we cannot fail to mention the track record of success that has led him to be one of the protagonists at the gourmet scene in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

Like any long way, it has not been easy to reach this point, since he left his native Switzerland bringing his culinary talent around the world, Chef Heinz Reize has worked in some of the best hotels in Germany, Holland, Canada, United States, Venezuela, Curacao and finally Mexico, where he lives since 1971.

Over many years collecting experiences, flavors, ingredients and new fusions, has found in this beautiful region, the best place to set up his own restaurant, the famous Coco Tropical where every day, lots of demanding palates are pampered by his dishes .

In addition, it is a hotbed of new talent where he shares his culinary knowledge with new generations preserving the gourmet tradition, which has managed to evolve over the years.

We take this opportunity to pay tribute to one of the Three Musketeers who, with great passion combined their talents to create this great event called International Gourmet Festival. Thanking you for all that has been contributed to this important happening.

Do not miss the opportunity to interact with Chef Heinz Reize in any of the events that form part of the 2016 Official Program. No doubt it will be a memorable and enriching experience. Follow us on our social networks using the hashtag #FGI22.