NOV. 11 - 20, 2016 | +52 (322) 222 2247
+52 (322) 222 2247

Emiliano Zapata 91, Ote.
Centro Histórico, Tepic.
Tel. (311) 216 20 10

The beautiful building which houses Emiliano Comida y Vino dates back from the XVIII century and opens its doors to offer the delicious cuisine that is based on the use of local seasonal products. The Restaurant offers the dinners the agreeable experience that reminds us of the traditional Nayarit and México cuisine. The elegant atmosphere and its professional selection of wines along with the hospitable warmth of its people combine to offer the best place in town.


Colima Tastes

Marco Valdivia

Marco’s talents were learned in an empirical way for which he feels proud. His personal style was acquired in a slow oven throughout his seven years as head of the kitchen at the Emiliano Restaurant. His time here has permitted him to strengthen his abilities in his daily cooking to enable that his creations interpret a fresh and modern Mexican cuisine, but always with the impression of the typical Nayarit cuisine.  This land which saw him grow and from which he generously receives not only the main products he uses but also the inspiration that only he can apply to his dishes, conceived in an exceptional manner.

Nico Mejía

Chef Nico Mejía, catalogued as the highest representative of Colima cuisine, Chef Nico is at his best as ambassador and Creative Chef of the Cervecería de Colima in the “Trapiches” restaurants. His reputation as a researcher, teacher and writer, has shown his extraordinary professional work.

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