Three Musketeers – One Message

It is the passion for the culinary arts, identity with this beautiful region and the sincere friendship that has bound us to the mission of promoting the culinary creativity.
Create a gastronomic medley from a good cook, products of the highest quality, the excellence of a restaurant and lovers of good eating and living.
Exchange ideas and talents and be wing forefront of being the tourist destination with the best cuisine in Mexico.


Heinz Reize

Thierry Blouet

Roland Menetrey

Born in Switzerland, Heinz Reize is an accredited Swiss Chef, an icon in the Mexican hospitality industry and one of the founders of the International Gourmet Festival. Beginning as a Chef in Switzerland, his talents have taken him to the best leading hotels in Germany, Holland, Canada, the United States, Venezuela, Curaçao, and finally to Mexico in 1971. Climbing from Executive Chef to General Manager at various five-star hotel chains; twenty-three years ago, he took up permanent residence in Banderas Bay where he was president of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board.

As General Manager of the Hotel Krystal Vallarta, he promoted numerous culinary talents at an international level, a concept that Chef Heinz still leads in his own restaurant Coco Tropical and Beach Club.

The same passion Thierry Blouet embraced culinary arts with at the age of 8 years, is the same he reflects day by day in every task and project he embarks in. This passion has been the motto behind the attainment of important recognitions such as the Joseph Favre Medal granted by Académie Culinaire de France as well as Star Diamond Award by The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. Thierry has created one of the most renowned restaurant chains in Mexico: Café des Artistes Group comprised by Café des Artistes in Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, Tuna Blanca in Punta de Mita, Boutique Rose and Blouet Wine Import.

Those close to Thierry acknowledge the love he has felt for Puerto Vallarta for over 30 years, and how he has proudly represented this destination before important festivals around the world.
In 1995 he founded the International Festival Gourmet International Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit together with Chef Heinz Reize, to later have Chef Roland Menetrey joining the initiative in 2000. He is member of the prestigious Acádemie Culinaire de France, and Maîtres Cuisiniers de France since year 2000, and was recently named President of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in México.

Graduate of the Hotel School in Lausanne, Switzerland, he made his cook apprenticeship at the renowned Royal Savoy Hotel in the same city. His additional work experience followed at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich and the Ritz Hotel in Madrid. On their way to the new world, he first visited Puerto Vallarta in 1959, a place where today he is a resident during the winter.

He was manager of the famous restaurant The Red Onion in Aspen and Club Villa Taverna in San Francisco. In 1965 he acquired his own restaurants empire: The Palace, a Swiss bakery and Steak House, all in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a retired entrepreneur he enrolled as a member of the Gourmet Festival Board since 2000, his philosophy is to explore, and the gastronomic exchange between talented Chefs around the world.


Twenty-four years of the Gourmet Festival! In 1995 Thierry Blouet and Heinz Reize came up with the idea of ​​promoting and rising up the culinary level of this region to competitive international standards, interacting with new methods and creativity of highly qualified Chefs.

The purposes of this great party were to strengthen the gastronomy of Puerto Vallarta as an exemplary showcase and to promote the destination through the excellence of the good table.

The first Gourmet Festival was held in 1995 with six hotels and six independent restaurants. The original format remains unchanged: Each participating restaurant invites a celebrity from the culinary scene. In the year 2000 our friend Chef Roland Menetrey joined in and since then, the organization is directed by the three musketeers.

The changes in twenty-three years are seen in growth and expansion to the Riviera Nayarit and Tepic, this year twenty-seven participating hotels and restaurants of the highest category. Nowadays, half a million foodies have been delighted and nearly six hundred celebrity chefs have visited us. We do not doubt that this paradigm continues and the culinary standards become always higher.

Today the region is known as a world-class culinary destination and the number of guest chefs decorated with Michelin stars are more and more every time.

This exchange of good food culture has benefited everyone: From local chefs, master guest chefs, our tourists and therefore a whole society.

The Gourmet Festival has allowed to widen the epicurean reputation of our region and even of Mexico, but the most important and the best: It is the promoter of the great Mexican hospitality and the best experience that gourmet cuisine in the world can have.

Bon appétit!