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The Gourmet Festival turns 22! In 1995 Thierry Blouet and Heinz Reize came out with the idea of promoting and upgrading the culinary standards to competitive international levels by interacting with new methods and the creativity of highly qualified chefs.

The purpose of this outstanding Fiesta is to strengthen the gastronomy of the region as an incomparable showcase to promote the destination through the excellence of its fine cuisine.

The first Gourmet Festival took place in 1995 with the participation of six hotels and six independent restaurants. The original format remains unchanged; each one of the participant restaurants invites a celebrity in the culinary scene. In the year two thousand, our friend Chef Roland Menetrey joined the team and since then the festival has been organized by the three musketeers.

In twenty two years changes are seen in the growth and expansion to the Riviera Nayarit and Tepic. Twenty five first – class hotels and restaurants will be participating this year.

To date, we have hosted and pampered almost half a million gourmet fans, and five hundred chef-celebrities have visited us; no doubt this trend will continue and the culinary standards will be higher with every passing year.

Today the region is known as a world-class culinary destination and each time there are more of our Guest chefs awarded with the Michelin Stars.

This high cuisine culture exchange has been advantageous to everyone, to the local chefs, to the guest master chefs, to our tourist and therefore, to the whole society as well.

The Gourmet Festival has given us the chance to increase the good epicurean reputation of the region and even of the country, but more importantly and better, it is the promoter of Mexican hospitality and the best experience that the gourmet cuisine in the world may offer.

Bon appétit!

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