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Influence of Local Flavors in Gourmet Cuisine

The coast of Jalisco and Nayarit is a geographically privileged region, thanks to the excellent climate with abundant rains in summer, the soil of this land is so fertile that produce a variety of fruits, vegetables and spices with incomparable flavors.

In addition, the long coastline shared by both states produces a rich variety of seafood, so naturally seafood play a leading role in the delicious local cuisine; they combine exceptionally with tropical ingredients such as coconut, banana, mango and sugar cane, so abundant in the region.

All these elements have managed to distinguish the cuisine of Jalisco-Nayarit coast as one of the most tasteful and aromatic, thanks to the wide range of typical dishes based on products such as seafood, where shrimp, oysters and dogfish are noteworthy.

Not to forget the great presence of other sought-after sea species such as marlin, a delight that enchants locals and foreigners from the first bite, fortunately, is very common to find this fish on the west coast of our country.

In addition to this, the great natural beauty of these destinations attracts not only tourists, but also some of the greatest geniuses of the world’s gourmet cuisine to enrich their creations with local ingredients, creating a unique fusion to be shared with the pickiest eaters.

And you, do you have a favorite dish that combines regional flavors with international gourmet cuisine? Share your photos and comments using the hashtag #FGI22 in our social networks and Enjoy!

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