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The Benefits of Seafood

Fish and seafood are not only delicious, but also bring a lot of benefits to our health, that is why they are an essential element and one of the protagonists of this edition of the XXII International Gourmet Festival.

Here below, we name some of these benefits so that you have them in mind and enjoy them even more:

They are rich in vitamin A, C, D and E and have antioxidant properties. Therefore, fish is good for the health of our bones, skin and eyes.

They improve mental health because the nutrients supplied by seafood stimulate memory and helps preventing mental decline in the elderly. They also help fighting depression.

They protect the heart and prevent cardiovascular disease, it regulates the dilation and restriction of blood vessels.

They have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and pain in the joints, as well as skin irritation.

They promote neurological development through Omega-3 fatty acids which maintain the proper functioning of our brain and memory. It is important that pregnant women consume this nutrient for proper neurological development of the up coming baby.

They boost the immune system, which protects you against flu, colds and other diseases. It has also proven to help fighting some cancers, such as breast cancer.

As if that was not enough, they are low in fat and low in cholesterol, which means they are foods you can include in your diet quietly, because they add few calories.

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