Paseo de las moras
s/n Nuevo Vallarta


Tel: 2264000 Ext 50001

This beautiful restaurant is the perfect place to explore the flavors of French cuisine, which come in the form of modern, mouthwatering dishes. From bright salads and rich, comforting classics to innovative flavor-forward entrées and decadent desserts, Azur has the flavors to make your palate sing.

CULINARY THEME Reflections of Alsace / Reflets d’Alsace

Chef Invitado

Raymonde Wolff

Due to the popularity of her visit in 2016, renowned chef Raymonde Wolff is returning to Vidanta to share her wealth of knowledge and technique as an ambassador of traditional French cuisine. Wolff brings to the festival a traditional French menu distinguished by flavors and ingredients that only a chef as specialized as her can create and offer to you. We welcome you to this International Gourmet Festival!

Chef Local

Cristian Sánchez

Chef Cristian is originally from Tomatlán, Jalisco. During his childhood, he became interested in the food his grandmother cooked while working at a small inn. Every day, he experimented with new smells and tastes, and it was in this city, that his passion for cooking was born. At 18, he started his culinary career at Grupo Vidanta in Riviera Nayarit, where he has learned a variety of gastronomic styles, from working in the the kitchen for banquets and buffets to mastering French gastronomy.