Europea Basilio Badillo 101, (Playa/Beach),
Zona Romántica. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México.

11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Tel: +52 (322) 222 54 85

Coco Tropical, serenaded by the rhythm of the waves on its beach and mesmerized by the soft sway of palm trees in its lush sky, this site walk Bistro is the paradise with Mediterranean influence and traditional European Cuisine. Enjoy a memorable dining experience in a tropical atmosphere, right on the golden sands of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular “Playa Los Muertos“ at Zona Romántica. We give the most cordial welcome to our Guest Chef, Julio Ortega and his delicious culinary mosaic.

Culinary Theme

Memories with Swiss Gourmet Taste

Guest Chef


A great lover of Mexican culture, Chef Heinz Reize fuses this enormous appreciation to our country in each of his creations with its European roots, to delight diners and become an icon of local cuisine.
Like every long road, it has not been easy to get to this point, since leaving his native Switzerland carrying his culinary talent around the world, Chef Heinz Reize has collaborated in some of the best hotels in Germany, Holland, Canada, United States, Venezuela, Curacao and finally Mexico, where he lives since 1971.

Through so many years collecting experiences, flavors, ingredients and new fusions. In addition, it is a hotbed of new talents where he shares his gastronomic knowledge with the new generations while preserving the gourmet tradition, which has evolved over the years.

Chef Gerardo Sandoval Fernández was born Santiago Ixcuintla Nayarit, In 2009, he was invited to the Gourmet Festival in St. Morizt, Switzerland. In 2010, he won 1st place in the “Cook of the Year” contest in his regional stage and in his national stage he won 3rd place. Chef Gerardo Sandoval, has worked hand in hand with distinguished people within the gastronomic field, such as; Alejandro Ruiz, Enrique Olvera – Pujol, Pablo San Román Mikel Alonso, Patricia Quintana, Bricio Domínguez, Gerard Dupont (President of the Culinary Academy of France), among many

Chef Luis Enrique Alvarado started his work at Café des Artistes, in the fall of 2006 he joined us where he is today our kitchen chef. He absorbed intensive courses in international cuisine, graduating with a certificate from the “Franco-Mexican Institute”. I participate in two chocolate workshops of “L’école de gran chocolate Valrhona”. He won first place in the “Thierry Blouet Trophy 2012” Puerto Vallarta.

 Chef José de Jesús Rodríguez worked with Chef Heinz Reize as Sous-Chef in 2009 to 2013. He also participated in the “Thierry Blouet 2010 Trophy” contest, where he won first place and was awarded as one of the best chefs in the region. He was executive chef at La Palapa, worked as an instructor at the gastronomic school of Cuernavaca and again visits us in Puerto Vallarta.

Local Chef

Luis Enrique

Heinz Reize, owner of Tropical Coco has an eye for selecting talents for cooking.  Eleven years ago Chef Luis Enrique joined our kitchen team. Step by step he progressed to excellence and today he directs the orchestra of our kitchen with passion and an extraordinary learning experience. Heinz Reize says proudly: If I’m the king of risotto and ossobuco, Chef Luis Enrique is doing everything possible to surpass me.