Europea Basilio Badillo 101, (Playa/Beach),
Zona Romántica. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México.
Schedule: 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Tel: +52 (322) 222 54 85

Coco Tropical, serenaded by the rhythm of the waves on its beach and mesmerized by the soft sway of palm trees in its lush sky, this site walk Bistro is the paradise with Mediterranean influence and traditional European Cuisine. Enjoy a memorable dining experience in a tropical atmosphere, right on the golden sands of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular “Playa Los Muertos“ at Zona Romántica. We give the most cordial welcome to our Guest Chef, Julio Ortega and his delicious culinary mosaic.

CULINARY THEME Traditional Cuisine Presented as a Pictorial Art

Guest Chef

Julio Ortega

Is a graduate of the High School of Gastronomy in Mexico City. During this process of his studies, he has the opportunity to attend a congress in Basel Switzerland. In the year 2000, he participates as kitchen assistant of the director at the Gastronomic Olympiad in Erfurt, Germany.

In 2002, he traveled to Malaga, Spain, where he worked as a chef at the hotel “Cortijo la Reina”. At the same time, he is studying at the hotel school “La Consula” in Benalmádena, Spain.

After returning to Mexico City, he was able to specialize in “Hygienic Handling Control”, “Molecular Cooking” and “High Vacuum Cooking – Sous Vide “.

He works in several hotels and restaurants all over Mexico. At the “Restaurant 1800” in Puebla, “Golf Hotel Real de Bosque” in Tula de Allende, “Grifith Laboratories” in Atitalaquia, “Restaurant Carolo & Euromarket” in Mexico City and “Hotel Rodovento” in Valle de Bravo.

In 2010, he travels to Monterrey-Mexico where he served as head chef of the Torrey brand. This change of location gives him the opportunity to record his “Ruta Baja” television program by acquiring various sponsors from recognized brands with whom he currently collaborates.

Since 2012, he undertakes the adventure of founding his own brand JO, with which he participates in conferences, congresses, workshops and gastronomic exhibitions. He is also sought-after as a jury of competitions at various universities and companies throughout the Republic.

In 2014, he created his TallerJO, a creative laboratory where his imagination rules. Here he creates dishes for his conferences, events and consultations. Incidentally, He runs a business selling products of his own brand and his sponsors.

He presented the Mexican Cuisine at the Hotel Gran Meliá Jakarta Indonesia, cooked gala dinners and gave cooking classes at the “Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2015”, organized by the Mexican Embassy.

In 2015, he launched a new concept of healthy cooking “Plan Uno” in Monterrey, with which he strongly positioned himself after two years. In 2017, he launched another project in Metepec “Mimis”, where his cooking ideology is reflected in the menu.

In 2017, he was re-selected to represent Mexican Cuisine in Jakarta Indonesia by the Mexican State Department to hold gala dinners and give culinary lectures at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel. He was also invited by the US Consulate to confer at “AT America 2017”.”.

May of this year, He traveled through India to promote Mexican cuisine, sponsored by “Tequila Corralejo”.

With more than twenty years of experience in the kitchen, he seeks to continue traveling, learning, innovating, supporting young talents, joining efforts to achieve a logical and creative cuisine.

Local Chef

Luis Enrique

Heinz Reize, owner of Tropical Coco has an eye for selecting talents for cooking.  Eleven years ago Chef Luis Enrique joined our kitchen team. Step by step he progressed to excellence and today he directs the orchestra of our kitchen with passion and an extraordinary learning experience. Heinz Reize says proudly: If I’m the king of risotto and ossobuco, Chef Luis Enrique is doing everything possible to surpass me.