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Mexican cuisine is as diverse as its territory. In each region, we can find hundreds of dishes, each of them perfected by the passage of time. Mexico possesses a gastronomic culture so rich, and full of history, that integrating the different styles and flavors of each region requires rigorous passion, and commitment. That is why here in Epazote our ambition is to continually cultivate these flavors of Mexico, combining them with our highest standards of quality and modern culinary technique.


Modern Mexican Cuisine

Axel Jimenez

Born in Mexico City, Axel was always fascinated by the food prepared by his monther every day at home. After finishing his studies at the Mexican Culinary Institute, and specializing in various techiques in Paris, France. The skills that Axel has acquired along his culinary trajectory equip him to distinguish Epazote with an innovated conceptual take on Mexican cuisine, with dises featuring modern cooking tecniques and ingredents.

Carlos Gaytan

Carlos Gaytán

His career in the kitchen began from his childhood in Guerrero, where hunting, preparing stories in the kitchen and cooking food were part of the day to day of the Gaytan family. For him, the secret of his cuisine is the product, research and extraction of the flavors and natural properties of each ingredient. In this process, he pours his energy to start the selection of suppliers that culminates in the elaboration of dishes and moments in the mouth for his clients.