From Switzerland to the World: Chef Roland Menetrey

The extraordinary Chef Roland Menetrey came to complement the International Gourmet Festival’s great organizing team, thus forming the “Three Musketeers”. Let’s learn more about his story!

Switzerland is synonymous with quality; the finest chocolates, the most precise watches and the haute cuisine of this renowned Chef, are just some examples. This is why since he graduated from the Hotel School of Lausanne, Roland has continued to conquer the world with his culinary art.

Accustomed to beautiful snow-covered environments, he developed his culinary career in some of the most famous winter resorts in the world from Zurich to Aspen, Colorado, where he was the manager of renowned restaurant The Red Onion.

Fate took him across much of the United States, until 1965, when he acquired his own restaurant chain, which was called The Palace, along with a Swiss bakery and Steak House, all in the city of Santa Fe , New Mexico.

However, the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, conquered his heart to the point that in 2000 he joined as a partner of the International Gourmet Festival Organizing Committee and since then, he has not stopped marveling the diners attending this event.

The huge variety of local flavors abounding in our country, have inspired Chef Roland Menetrey to create incredible dishes that have become unforgettable for those who have been lucky enough to taste them.

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