Fernanda Covarrubias & Darren Walsh

Fernanda Covarrubias & Darren Walsh

Provenance: Mexico | Irlanda

Currently works at: La Postrería | Lulabistro

Invited by:

La Leche

(Covarrubias) Guadalajara-born, she began her experience in the Ophelia Bistro and then to Hacienda Benazuza (two Michelin stars). She founded La Postrería in 2013 and achieved great fame. She has participated in many festivals including the Chicago Gourmet. In 2015, La Postrería won the Best Sweet Experience award.

(Walsh) Considered as one of the chefs with the greatest international renown thanks to his experimental technique with which he attempts to bring the flavor of each ingredient to its limit, Darren Walsh, Chef of Lula Bistro, began his studies in France and forged his talent during years working in Michelin Star restaurants. At the age of 27, Darren Walsh opened Papillon, his first restaurant, in New York City’s West Village, where he conquered the most demanding critics of gastronomy in the Big Apple.