Have you ever tried raicilla cocktails?

Our beautiful region in the western part of Jalisco state, is the cradle of one of the most trendiest drinks currently being created. We speak of the raicilla, originally from the neighboring municipality of San Sebastián del Oeste. Let’s get to know it!

This traditional Mexican distillate is a relative of mezcal and tequila, it has been elaborated from the XVII century in our state, thanks to the mining boom at that time, it comes from the agave known as lechuguilla and its harvest, distillation and fermentation processes are very similar.

For all those thrill-seekers, raicilla can be tasted “Jalisco style” served in the traditional shot glass and accompanied by citrus fruits such as lemon, orange or the singular cuastecomate, also from the Mexican west.

It should be noted that its flavor varies a lot with respect to tequila and mezcal, you will notice it from the first drink you savor its plushier texture and slight fruity touches; if your palate prefers it mixed up as a cocktail, here below are some of its best accompaniments:

Orange or tangerine juice

Photo via Gourmet Cocktails on Flickr.
Photo via Gourmet Cocktails on Flickr.

The citrus and sweet taste of these fruits combines perfectly with the nature of the raicilla, so don’t hesitate to combine them when you have the chance.


Photo via Mike Serafin on Flickr.
Photo via Mike Serafin on Flickr.

In Mexico, there is no shortage of digestives such as the coffee raicilla, whose liquor is the result of the combination of coffee, cocoa and local wild vanilla, they all result in a pleasant and sweet drink to the palate.


Photo via lamonse's views on Flickr.
Photo via lamonse’s views on Flickr.

If you’ve never heard of this tropical fruit, you should know that it actually brings numerous health benefits and, for this reason, its combination with raicilla is used for chronic cough and asthma, with quite satisfactory results.

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