Olas Altas 380-B Centro sur,
Zona Romántica. Puerto Vallarta,
Jalisco, México.

(322) 223 0760

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If you enjoy coffees and fine cuisine, Kaiser Maximilian, a restaurant that evokes Vienna in its golden age will surely fascinate you. His Austrian host Andreas Rupprechter named this place in honor of one of his nationals, the former emperor of Mexico. The kitchen offers a great variety of food, mixing the flavors of the Old and New World.

Culinary Theme

The cuisine of the “Kitzbühel Country Club”, Tirol, Austria

Guest Chef

Patrick Gfrerer

Patrick Gfrerer, Chef de cuisine at the Kitzbühel Country Club in Tirol, Austria, following the steps and knowledge of his executive chef Reinhard Brandner, who had a lot of experience and has worked in great restaurants like the “Ch

Local Chef

Carlos Palomera & Claudio Hernández

Part of the success formula at Kaiser Maximilian is that since it opened, Carlos Palomera has been part of all the Festival Gourmet events, working shoulder to shoulder with acclaimed U.S. and European Chefs. Sharing Maximilian’s bistro kitchen is pastry Chef Claudio Hernández.