Blvd. Fco. Medina Ascencio Km. 2.5
Zona Hotelera Norte, Puerto Vallarta.
Tel. (322) 293 0900




A unique and di“fferent concept that combines the best and most spectacular cuisine with local ambiance, an incredible design and extraordinary live music! The menu changes daily with very creative dishes and new flavors and colors. Several times named between the best of the best in Mexico.


Sensually Provocative, Subtly Extravagant

Nacho Cadena

Lifetime Achievement Award Wine & Food Cancún and others. Lover of tradition as a basis for innovation, creativity and bold and daring recepies and designs. He always cooks with life lovers in mind and those who enjoy flavors and sensuous experiences. His philosophy is “ good food brings happiness…and happiness is the only sense of life.

Fernanda Covarrubias & Darren Walsh

(Walsh) Considered as one of the chefs with
the greatest international renown thanks to his
experimental technique with which he attempts to
bring the flavor of each ingredient to its limit, Chef
of Lula Bistro, he began his studies in France and
forged his talent during years working in Michelin
Star restaurants.

(Covarrubias) Guadalajara-born,
she began her experience in the Ophelia Bistro and
then to Hacienda Benazuza (two Michelin stars).
She founded La Postrería in 2013 and achieved
great fame. She has participated in many festivals
including the Chicago Gourmet. In 2015, La
Postrería won the Best Sweet Experience award.

Poncho Cadena

Graphic Designer, Musician and Chef graduated from Pacific Culinary Arts of Vancouver. He belongs to the fourth generation of a family of cooks with which he inherits a vocation that transforms his multidisciplinary bases in a culinary concept where the taste, invention, visual presence and mix of food species shine, as inspiration of the moment. A culinary concept where freedom and detachment to the usual prevails.