Carretera a Barra de Navidad
Km. 17.5.  C.P. 48394 – Pto. Vallarta.
Centro, 48300. Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Tel. +01 (322) 224 4002


Located on an imposing beachfront crag and only 25 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, Le Kliff offers a unique romantic atmosphere amid tropical gardens, nestled in one of the world’s largest palapas. Its service and cuisine have allowed it to position itself as one of the Top Restaurants in Mexico and has multiple international awards. One of its main attractions is: “La Terraza del Amor“ (“The Love Terrace”) which has witnessed hundreds of beautiful weddings.

CULINARY THEME Chords of flavors and the vindication of tradition

Guest Chef

Ignacio Del Río Mora

Attracted from a very young age by the kitchen of his grandparents’ restaurant “Rincón del Río”, in La Barca Jalisco, Ignacio became involved into the culinary arts at Liason College in Toronto, Canada. Thanks to his multicultural vision, he experiences flavors and cuisines from around the world. Since 2011, under the command of Jesús Escalera and Rafael Zafra, the “Benazuza Mexico” project began in Cancun and two years later he became head chef.

Local Chef

Everardo Robles

He forged his character and style leaded by the hands of Chefs from Mexico, Japan, Indonesia and the United States; With more than 20 years of experience, he has managed to impose a new paradigm in fusion cuisine: “The sea is his main inspiration.”

Everardo has been in charge of the kitchen at Mexico’s most beautiful gourmet restaurant, for more than 10 years: Le Kliff, where he spends his days leading the team and experimenting with the flavors of seasonal fruits as they are a fundamental part