Av. Paseo de la Loma 239.
Tepic, Centro, C.P. 63000.

Tel. (311) 133 60 26

The concept LOMA 42 begins in the green heart of “La Loma Park”, a casual terrace, a daring gastronomical proposal that combines local flavors with global tendencies. The fire in the grill and the wood oven are the soul of our ever changing menu that includes the best ingredients of every season. The original culinary combinations along with our innovative cocktails and good music make Loma 42 the new trend.

CULINARY THEME Between the Sea and the Milpa

Guest Chef

José Óscar Casimiro

José Óscar Casimiro is a chef from Mazahuas roots committed to his lineage of which he feels proud. From this feeling of belonging, one of its activities is born within the culinary: research, conservation of techniques and ingredients of the states of Jalisco and Edo.de Mexico.
Currently the chef and his companion Xrysw are owners of the Xokol Antojeria project in Guadalajara. Its mission is the rescue of Creole corn so that its cuisine moves with enthusiasm between the sea and the cornfield

Local Chef

Jesús Vázquez López

Born in Ocotlán, Jalisco and passionate about Mexican cuisine, as well as good food, he worked since he was 14 years old in taquerias and local diners in his hometown, but his gastronomic appetite led him to study at the International Culinary School (ECI).

Now he is a founding partner of the Riviera Nayarit Restaurant Association and a member of the Nayarita Academy of Gastronomy, working with entrepreneurs, chefs and researchers of the state to put on the map the biodiversity of ingredients, and position Nayarit as a gastronomic destination for Mexico and the world.