Rare, medium or well cooked?

For every good lover of beef, the type of roast is fundamental to achieve that special flavor that is hard to forget. According to the tastes of each diner, there are different terms for the cooking of the meat. Join us to discover them!

One of the most anticipated events in the Gourmet International Festival is the well-known “Grilled & Smoked”, where excellent local and guest chefs show off in front of the diners to prepare a delicious roast worthy of kings.

The types of roast are very varied, which means that there are for all tastes, some prefer to taste the bark of the meat well cooked, but for others it is better to feel the meat almost raw, anyways, to each his own:

Cut sealed on both sides on high heat
The outer layer is well-cooked, the center is raw and even cold
Reaches up to 55º C (130º F)


Medium rare:
Ideal term because the meat does not lose its juiciness
Sealed or marked on the grill leaving the red center
Reaches the temperature of 63º C (145º F)


Medium well cooked:
The meat begins to lose juiciness and with it the taste
The center becomes light brown, with the edges perfectly cooked
Reaches temperature of 71º C (160º F)


Well cooked or cooked:
Usually this term is less recommended, the meat loses up to 70% of juiciness being hard even if it is a quality cut.
The whole cut takes on a brown – gray color and practically without juice
Reaches more than 77º C (170º F)


And which one do you prefer? Tell us about it on our social networks and stay tuned to our blog, as we will keep you informed of all the details you need to know for the next International Gourmet Festival.

Bon appétit! #FGI23