Tequila and Molecular Mixology

The culinary art is, undoubtedly, one of the most complex of all, since it involves a variety of elements that combine to achieve tremendous gastronomic works that melt diners’ palates. This time we tell you a little more about molecular mixology and tequila.

Science is present in every aspect of our lives and gourmet cuisine is no exception; using different techniques such as flaming, freezing or using ingredients with many acidity degrees, it seeks the creation of innovative flavors, always with genetic similarities very well measured.

Let’s take the example of the Mexican drink par excellence: Tequila. In our country, about 280 million liters are produced annually, according to the Commission for Industry of Wine and Spirits (CIVYL), as a result, we can talk about a great spectrum of possibilities regarding molecular cocktails with tequila.

One of the world’s most famous cocktails prepared with tequila is the legendary Margarita, which was born thanks to molecular mixology, designed by the ingenious Carlos Herrera, who created a combination of ingredients to improve the taste of Marjorie King’s favorite drink at his small bar in Ensenada, Baja California. He even named it after this popular actress.

In this edition of the International Gourmet Festival, we are pleased to have Tequila Patrón as one of the main sponsors, so you cannot miss the big event Tequila Patrón and Tapas Bar, to be held at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta next Wednesday, November 16th.

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