Club de Tenis Puesta de sol L-2,
Marina Vallarta, 48450
Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

(322) 221 0560

With more than 25 years of tradition, La Terrazza Di Roma was founded in 1993 by Esteban Gangoiti, Paolo Cavazzuti and Giampaolo Cozzolino, a group of friends aiming to bring the authentic flavors of Italy to Marina Vallarta. This family-owned restaurant is a celebration of great Italian food, offering hearty trattoria style dishes served in a lively and friendly ambiance. La Terrazza is unique deck over the water, live music and al fresco dining create a one of a kind culinary experience.

Culinary Theme

Sapore e Cuore dil Mediterraneo

Guest Chef

Egidio Longo

Chef and Manager of the restaurant of Circolo Canottieri Roma, Egidio Longo shapes every recipe to meet the high standards of this prestigious social club, always acknowledging the genuine and abundant flavors of his native land. Born in Aieta, a province in Southern Italy, his cuisine is strongly anchored to the Italian tradition, yet reinvented by his captivating combinations and use of refined ingredients, fruit of his multi-cultural experiences and inspiration.

Local Chef

Rafael de la Cruz

Chef Rafael De La Cruz has been part of La Terrazza Di Roma’s family for more than 24 years. He started working as a young man and eager to learn from each Italian cook that had passed by, he would shadow them to absorb as much knowledge as he could. Rafael became so good in capturing and sharing the essence of the Italian food that he became Head Chef. Rafa’s ambitious, yet humble personality is reflected in every dish, as he puts his soul and heart into everything he creates.