They’ll be the 2016 International Gourmet Ambassadors!

All the gastronomic richness of our cheerful Latin America as well as Asia and North America, will be greatly represented by the premium guest chefs present in this 22nd edition of the International Gourmet Festival. Let’s get to know them!

From Argentina, comes the fine taste of Chef Dante Ferrero, obviously a specialist in roasts and cuts of the highest quality. So, you cannot miss the Country Grill Brunch, wisely themed “The Art of Roasting” on Sunday, November 13th at the gorgeous Tierra Tropical Gastronomic Center.

Peru and its ancestral culture brings over Chef Erik Ramos, a taste of all this great South American country has to offer. Erik has also been in charge of the kitchen at Plaza Grande Hotel in downtown Quito, awarded as the Best Boutique Hotel in Ecuador by the World Travel Awards. Invited by: Carolina Restaurant, St. Regis Hotel Punta Mita.

The culinary art knows no boundaries, and Chef Riaz Ahmad is literally an expert in international cuisine, he will be representing his native country’s exotic flavors: Pakistan, complemented by the ancient Ayurvedic teaching which is all about body, mind and spirit balance. Invited by: The River Café, Puerto Vallarta.

The Far East is present with three great chefs who have brought their season all over the world; Jags Aldaba comes from Japan, who will prepare sushi as only a true connoisseur could do, he’ll be found at Hiroshi Restaurant, Mousai Hotel.  Also, Chef Hiroshi Kawahito will be pleasing his diners at Mikado, Casa Magna Marriott with a true Japanese experience that you cannot miss!

Taiwan conquer us with all the expertise of Chef Alan Huang, who currently works at Cafe Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas, considered one of the top 10 restaurants within a museum by The Huffington Post. Enjoy his talent along with the incomparable atmosphere of Tuna Blanca Punta de Mita, on their Special Themed Night.

All vegan and vegetarian cuisine lovers will have an excellent opportunity to meet the immense creativity of the Swiss Chef Christian Krebs and sous chef Regina Melech, who believe that this culinary art creates trends and unleashes the imagination. Special guests from the ever elegant Café des Artistes and its Surprising Themed Night.

The Iguana Restaurant, located in the ultra romantic Casa Kimberly hotel in Puerto Vallarta, has invited the chef Jason Fullilove to delight us with his passionate New Yorker seasoning, which has evolved with Caribbean spices and the freshness of his new home: California, always maintaining balance and exuberance.

Now you know some of the international guest chefs who will be present this year at the International Gourmet Festival. Stay tuned to our blog and soon we will present national chefs. Share your thoughts using the hashtag #FGI22. Bon Appetit!