Monte Calvario S/N,
Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

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Professional gastronomy team shows the Mexican culture heritage through the techniques and the different flavors from the emblematic places of Mexico. Located in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

What does Xoklo mean?
The name comes from the word “choclo, used in most places of Mesoamerica to refer to corn. For the ancient Mexicans, corn was the material with which humankind was created. This is how at XOKLO, we promote the indigenous culture richness.

Culinary theme

Hidalgo on your palate

Guest Chef

Valerio Avila

Originally from Pachuca, Hidalgo and graduated from the Hidalguense Gastronomic Institute as Sommelier in Wines by the Ambrosia Culinary Center and as Beer Sommelier by the Association of Mexican Sommeliers.
He has worked with different restaurants in the city and was in charge of the kitchen, El Capitán Comedor, for 5 years.
Now he has two personal projects, KALI, a cooking workshop that together with his wife provide different sessions focused on gastronomy and ERIZO.

Local Chef

Francisco Arreola

Francisco is originally from Nayarit, graduated from the Technological University of Banderas Bay. He has a 10-year career in the kitchen, where he has demonstrated his passion for the typical dishes of our Mexico. In his culinary career he has shared ideas and knowledge with great chefs in the region. His great taste for the typical cuisine of Mexico, positioned him as Executive Chef of the Xoklo restaurant.